Top 7 Ways to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculations are nothing to be ashamed about. It’s a common sexual dysfunction that affects almost 30% of men worldwide. The common mistake that most men make is shying off from addressing this problem. It can be frustrating, but just like every other problem, it has a solution. You can control premature ejaculation and be free from it. There are several medications you can take, but it’s best if you use natural remedies that are also effective.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

It’s defined as uncontrolled and rapid ejaculation that occurs in less than a minute. It can either be psychological or biological due to factors such as extreme arousal, performance anxiety, and even genetics. However, despite the cause, it should be addressed immediately. Below are some tips on how to overcome premature ejaculation.

best natural ways to prevent premature ejaculation

7 Ways to Prevent Premature Ejaculation

The Stop and Start Technique

Premature ejaculation happens mostly because men have lost control over their orgasm. The start and stop technique entails both mental and physical control. It involves masturbating to the point of ejaculation and then stopping.

It should be done several times till you are unable to ejaculate. The technique trains your mind to identify the point of no return, and you can now prevent yourself from orgasm. You can also try this technique during intercourse. Over time you will be able to focus and gain control of your climax.

The Squeeze Method

The squeeze method is similar to start and stop technique, only that you should squeeze their base of your penis to prevent the ejaculation immediately before it starts. As a result, you will gain more control of your pubococcygeus muscle during intercourse.

The Male Kegel Exercises

Male Kegel exercises are one of the permanent control measures of premature ejaculation. In this exercise, you don’t have to masturbate. When urinating, try and stop the urine while during the act. Repeat this several times, and you will be strengthening your muscle. It will help you identify your point of no return.

The other way to do a Kegel Exercise involves, clenching and releasing of the muscle repeatedly for ten to fifteen seconds. This exercise will give you the ability to contract this muscle when nearing orgasm.

Deep Breathing

Short breathing can speed up the heart rate and therefore lead to premature ejaculations. The deep breathing technique is known to calm both the heart rate and mind. If you are relaxed, you will be able to control your orgasm.

During intercourse, you can take deep breaths when you feel that you’re about to ejaculate. Plus, you can also try and pay attention to your partner’s breathing during sex. You will, therefore, distract your mind and last longer in bed.

Take Natural Supplements

Over the years, synthesised medications for premature ejaculations have faced lots of criticism. To be on the safe side, you can opt to take natural supplements. These supplements are safe and have minimal side effects. Some include cinnamon bark, clove, angelica and ginseng.

Use a Condom

Other than protecting you from sexually transmitted diseases, condoms help in decreasing sensation. The extra layer of the condom will enable to control your premature ejaculation if you have high skin sensitivity. There are also special climax control condoms that can help reduce your sensitivity.

Have the Sex Talk

Performance anxiety is another primary cause of premature ejaculations. Most men worry about how the other partner will feel, this worry increases the chances of premature ejaculation. Having the sex talk with your partner will clear all your fears.

Not only will she understand you but together, you can conquer this problem. If you can’t have this talk with your partner, then you can talk with your therapists. Getting that problem off your back can make you more relaxed during intercourse.

The above methods have helped out other men gain control of their orgasm. You too can take control, all it takes is regular practice and positive thinking. The more you worry about how you will perform increases the chances of premature ejaculation. However, if the problem persists after using the above tips, see a specialist. A doctor can be able to diagnose your condition and provide you with proper medication.


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