Tricks To Last Longer In Bed

There are plenty of reasons why a man may fail to last as long he would like to in bed. At one point or another, a majority of men go through this feeling. You might be suffering from stress, erectile dysfunction, stress, or performance anxiety. The good news is a variety of prescription treatments, and behavioral changes exist to help you perform longer in bed.

If a man finds himself worrying about how long he is going to last in bed, he could be suffering from performance anxiety. Practically men often experience some form of anxiety during sex. Typically, it’s something that men need not be worried. Nonetheless, sometimes performance anxiety can progress into erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

best tricks to last longer in bed

Premature ejaculation is a prevalent health problem and one that affects a majority of men at some point in life. Usually, the problem involves sex lasting less than three minutes before ejaculation. However, if both parties are fulfilled and happy, then you should not be worried about anything.

Primary premature ejaculation is a psychological problem that can remain a lifetime issue and is often begins when a man first becomes sexually active. Secondary primary ejaculation occurs late in life and can be brought about by both physical and psychological factors.

Tricks to last longer in bed

Depression, anxiety, stress are all possible causes. Whether you experience erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or whether you just want to go longer than you currently do, here are some practical tricks to last longer in bed:


Masturbating is entirely naturally and healthy. Regular masturbation can enable you to performer during sex by helping you build up your stamina. You can also practice behavioral masturbating techniques, so you are more relaxed using when having sex.


Sex is not just about penetration. Having foreplay can significantly enhance your sexual experience as regards pleasure and time.


Condoms usually increase the amount of ejaculation time by decreasing sensitivity. They also have the bonus of thwarting unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease.

Mental Distraction

Mental distraction is an old classic that helps men to last longer in bed. During sex, a man should intensely focus his attention on something that is not erotic such as the planets. This can lower the enjoyment of sex; however, it is often important in holding up ejaculation.


Ensure to let your partner understand what doesn’t work for you and what does. An open mindset about sex should also lessen the nerves and relax you more thus preventing a swift ejaculation.

Behavioral Techniques

Try the “squeeze technique” whereby you squeeze the tip of the penis when you are about to climax to prevent ejaculation. The stop-start technique is also another ideal technique that helps to reduce simulation when you are almost climaxing.

Slow Down

A man ejaculates quickly if his sex pace is fast. Hard, rapid thrusts result in a quicker climax. A more measured, slower technique means the tip of the penis is less stimulated and this results in delayed ejaculation. It also allows you to have enhanced control over your ejaculation.


Men who frequently experience erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation may find treatment is the ideal option. There are quite some effective, easy treatments for both conditions some of which are outlined below.

  • Behavioral techniques that aid men to counter premature ejaculation. If applied, such methods can produce positive, long-lasting results.
  • EMLA: This is cream that is applied to the penis to desensitize nerve endings that play a huge role in the process of ejaculation. Even though it is not licensed as a treatment for primary ejaculation, EMLA cream is commonly used and prescribed with great success.
  • Priligy: This is a prescription tablet that delays the chemical reaction that causes ejaculation. It is taken orally and has been shown to be quite effective.

Erectile dysfunction has got quite some prescription treatments that are available. They include Spedra, Viagra, Sildenafil, Cialis, and Levitra. Essentially all these prescriptions help you maintain and gain an erection by increasing the flow of blood to your penis to help you last perform longer in bed.


Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are often psychological. In order to address the underlying issues, a bit of counseling is required. The counselling can be accompanied by a medical routine addressing the problem in the short-term. After you have resolved your issue through counseling, you can then cease your medical tricks to last longer in bed

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