4 Natural ways to Cure Premature Ejaculation

The notion of good sex varies among different people with different personalities. Some will say they enjoy sex during the act, some enjoy the moment right before it starts, and some will reach the epitome of their happiness after getting an orgasm. All in all, sex is mostly about happiness. It might not be fun to both parties, but at least one will be seeking pleasure beyond measure.

However, it will be an understatement if I said sex is just an inevitable body function ignited by hormones. Sex among partners who care about each other is not only sex; it is a knot that helps to tie and strengthen their intimacy. Therefore, the satisfaction of both parties will be if they both enjoyed one another without no one being left behind.

natural ways to cure premature ejaculation

It has been scientifically stated that men averagely reach orgasm faster than women. This mishap is not in all cases, but it happens often. Nonetheless, the rate at which men get to this point differs depending on various factors among each.

The most important thing that men fear is that they don’t ejaculate super-fast with very minimal sexual stimulation. That is what most refer to premature ejaculation. No matter how big you are or mafia you think you are, if this happened to you, it would feel like a big blow to your self-esteem and ego which can quickly make her go.

Luckily, there are straightforward ways on how to cure premature ejaculation and avoid this embarrassing incident from ever happening again.

Natural ways of curing Premature ejaculation

Modern science has swayed many to be looking for remedies of most of our worries in the lab. Some medicines could work and some would not, but the side effects of these drugs can be fatal to your health later on. For instance, there have been cases that these medicines can ultimately cause erectile dysfunction which is worse than ejaculating early.

Here are simple and reliable ways that can help you to cure premature ejaculation:

Kegel Exercise

Sometimes your muscle around the pelvic area might be weak to let you last longer during intercourse thus ejaculate early. Kegel exercise can help you reinforce these muscles and allow you to withstand any pressure. It is essential to find out where exactly the pelvic floor muscles are before engaging in this activity. A simpler way of identifying these muscles is by trying to stop urine while you are urinating.

And bingo! The muscles that stop urine are the pelvic floor muscles. Therefore, the Kegel exercise involves a sequence of constricting your pelvic floor muscles and holding the contraction for a few seconds then release the tension and relax for another few seconds. After a few practices, your muscles will get strong, and you should also try exercising while sitting, walking or even standing.

The Squeeze Technique

This treatment requires you or your partner to press the area between the shaft and the head (glans) of the penis to stop ejaculation after intense arousal. This method requires a lot of concentration to precisely time the moment of ejaculation to prevent it.

Persistence can come in handy to get better results. Depending on your threshold, you can repeatedly do this technique before orgasms and wait for about 20 seconds then stimulate again up to the point of orgasm and squeeze until the desire to ejaculate is off. Your partner could help you during foreplay.

The stop-start technique

This procedure is aimed at knowing yourself and be able to time and control the moments you are about to ejaculate. This process involves holding yourself back upon reaching the point of ejaculation. During that instant, you can take deep breathes as you try to keep calm and when you are completely relaxed, you restart the stimulation and stop every time you are about to reach orgasm.

The method of arousal can be conducted in 3 stepwise phases. That is; self-stimulation by hand, your partner stimulating you by hand and finally penetration. Make sure you have mastered the technique in each phase before graduating to the next step.

Diet and herbs

Good diet can help boost libido especially when consuming food rich in vitamin D like eggs and also simultaneously control blood flow which is supplemented by ingesting dark chocolates. Consequently, you need to avoid foods that have too much sugar and artificial sweeteners if you want to experience great sex without premature ejaculation.

You can also try out fruits like the blueberry and herbs like the Kava which offer great erectile properties that can evidently stop premature ejaculation. Winter cherry which is also known as Indian Ginseng aids in balancing emotions which in turns reduces stress, an outcome that cuts down the anxiety that could lead to early ejaculations.

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