How To Last Longer In Bed

Premature ejaculation (PE) is one of the most common problems for men in bed. It is a problem whereby a guy climaxes before the woman he is having sex with even comes close. It is one of the most embarrassing occurrences for men and leaves a majority of them ashamed of themselves.

How to last longer in the bed

In fact, some people resort to avoiding sexual intercourse merely because they know they won’t last long. This article delves into the most effective ways on how to last longer in bed.

  1. Ejaculatory muscle control and conditioning

Have you ever wondered what physically makes you ejaculate? Well, for most men, the answer to this question is “NO.” Ejaculation comes down to the pubococcygeus muscle, which when in a relaxed state makes it physically impossible for a man to ejaculate. It is also responsible for releasing sperms during ejaculation.

So the idea is to know how to keep this muscle relaxed and helpful when having sex. Now, this is not as easy as it seems because the pubococcygeus muscle is one of the hardest in the body to control. Nonetheless, it can be done through a variety of specific exercises.

It can take up to a month to get to learn these exercises, but once you click into place, you will understand why it is the key to not just taking complete control, but trying to last longer, where you’ll decide precisely when you’re ready to ejaculate every time.

  1. Study the Kama Sutra

There is a Kama Sutra method for lasting longer in bed that mainly comes down to training yourself on how to do that. It calls on men to start slowly with no more than one stroke every 3 seconds. Then, slowly add more strokes, over the course of four or five minutes, until you are moving one stroke every second.

If you begin to feel like you are going to ejaculate, stop and hold yourself inside the woman, until you are in control again, then start the whole process once more.

  1. Use delay sprays

If you are still struggling to perform longer, consider using a delay spray such as the K-Y Duration. A delay spray is an enhances endurance by desensitizing the nerves of your penis with as little as two sprays and as many as ten.

These sprays are safe to use and have been proven effective by the FDA. You are still going to enjoy sensations, too. This could be your secret to turning a quick sprint into an extremely gratifying marathon.

  1. Implement the squeeze technique

Sex experts agree that exploring the “squeeze technique”, can significantly help a man to last longer during sex. There are three important penis areas where applying pressure or squeezing can help a guy maintain or sustain an erection.

To begin, make a tight ring using your thumb and index finger around the shaft base when it’s erect, feigning a penile ring. This can help a guy keep blood flowing to the puffed-up penis. The second step is to apply pressure to the head of the penis.

That is a male hot spot, that is populated with nerves. And lastly, pressing on the perineum between the base of the testicles and the anus. By pressing this area with your finger, it will delay ejaculation and help you last longer.

  1. Relaxation and breathing techniques

One of the simplest and quickest ways to improve your lasting time is to make sure you are breathing correctly both during and before sex. Most men with PE get this dead wrong, and that can directly sabotage your efforts of making it through the all-important first three minutes of intercourse.

It is relatively easy to learn the best relaxation and breathing techniques once you understand what to concentrate on. Men can learn these techniques within an hour, meaning it can start helping you right away.

  1. Creating confidence and mental control

In the old days, failing to last longer in bed was often solely put down to psychological problems, and guys with premature ejaculation were prescribed sessions with hypnotherapists or psychiatrists. As you might guess, this never worked very well, and you’ve to feel for men with PE in those days who did not have access to the kind of modern training methods and information.

While failing to last longer during sex is primarily physical, that does not mean that the mental aspect of it isn’t essential. It is critical because how you manage your confidence, thoughts and focus levels during sex can significantly ruin your other efforts to perform longer in bed if not kept in check.

Nothing is going to create mental control and confidence in a man like knowing he has his sleeve, the techniques, physical skills and capability to last longer every time.

And have in mind, this is not about correcting some profoundly rooted abnormality lurking in your mind. In fact, all men, whether they suffer from PE or not can benefit knowing how to regulate perceptions, confidence and thought levels during intercourse.

  1. Read your body’s signals and take the ideal action

It might not seem like it at the moment, but your body is always on your side. Your body wants you to have the ability to perform longer during sex which is why it relays you a range of ingenious signals. But, most men are completely unaware of them and let the messages go unutilized.

It is not difficult to know how to read these signals your sexual response system is relaying you and once you can, you will realize how simple it can be to make slight changes that can shut down the problems before they influence your ejaculatory muscles.

You will find yourself lasting longer in bed with a few weeks of practice, and you will understand when to implement the cooling down method or right control technique.

  1. Practice the 9 and 7 method

Like the Kama Sutra technique previously mentioned in this article, sex experts recommend the 9 and 7 technique. Simply put, it is 9 slow in-out strokes followed by 7 fast in-out strokes. Then repeat 9 slow, 7 fast, 9 slow, 7 fast. This rhythm is excellent for men who do not last long as their sex partner needs, and ideal for the ladies since it establishes a superb rhythm for their stimulation as well.


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