Ejaculation Guru Review

Here’s a run through of how the Ejaculation Guru claims to work.

Features of Ejaculation Guru PDF

Masturbation Is Key

Practice makes perfect as they say – but the problem is that the vast majority of men don’t masturbate correctly! Rather than considering sex as a primarily enjoyable pursuit, looking to deliver pleasure to a partner, instead most men take a very different approach. This is considered to be a throwback to a prehistoric time when men looked to ejaculate as quickly as possible in order to reproduce. Suppose you never can tell when a saber toothed tiger may pop its head in the cave….

However, anthropologists actually reckon there’s a lot of truth to this. According to Jack, as he explains within the Ejaculation Guru tips all these years later men just look to finish as quickly as possible. After all, the point is to stimulate a manual orgasm – so logically sooner the better is best. By reprograming the way a man understands masturbation and retakes control over his reproductive organs, the theory is that this can be applied to the bedroom. Logical enough, right? But how?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Obviously, the first hurdle is to get rid of those pesky old caveman practices. This is easier said than done, but through cognitive therapy it is possible. The Ejaculation Guru Jack Grave reviews posit that by using Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques a man can literally tell himself not to ejaculate. However it’s not all just about the guy – it’s about understanding how important applying pleasure to a partner is.

Sex is, after all, a two-way game, so it’s only reasonable that premature ejaculation is a two person issue to solve. Maybe the woman actually wants sex to be over quickly? After all, there are many facets to a relationship and premature ejaculation could be a symptom of other issues. Ejaculation Guru Book explores the importance of partnership in helping avoid early finishes.

How Does Ejaculation Guru eBook Practically Work?

Jack explains that both partners should read the pdf book, but it’s down to the guy to get a little training in. The Ejaculation Guru series is accompanied by four DVDs. These focus on four distinct areas:

  • Rapid Stamina Increase – During this DVD men are instructed on practical methods they can use during intercourse to last longer in bed. This involves basically practicing towards retaking control over the four muscles that are used to cause ejaculation. From the guy’s perspective this is the most important aspect to master – but don’t worry if it sounds complicated. Jack Grave of Ejaculation Guru review book is a natural presenter and as we’ll hear shortly – has been there himself.
  • Last Longer During Foreplay – Like many aspects of the Ejaculation Guru pdf this is a two-way tutorial and it is recommended both partners view and practice it. Women can often overstimulate men during this stage of intercourse, with far too many couples focused on his pleasure ahead of hers. Jack explains how guys suffering from premature ejaculation should bring the woman up to near climax before penetrating – and he shows some tried and tested techniques to help with this.
  • Multiple Orgasms During Oral Sex – This DVD really helps with the focus of the second and ought to be watched back to back. Jack promises that the techniques he explains will bring a woman to multiple orgasm time after time before penetration occurs. Basically, the job will be done before the guy gets going!
  • 101 Sex Tips She Will Go Wild For – Ejaculation Guru techniques that will quite simply bring a woman to orgasm incredibly quickly. Imagine what could be done with 101 of them!

So it’s pretty clear that Ejaculation Guru guide is a very comprehensive means of addressing the problem of early finishes. It’s interesting that it focuses on two solutions that can be used either separately or together. The first is obviously the techniques a guy can use to simply last longer himself. The second is to get the job done before penetration occurs. The second may seem like a slightly easy way out, but remember that a good proportion of women find long sessions of penetration to actually become painful. Just like Jack says, communication is key.

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Ejaculation Guru Tips – Pros & Cons

There’s no doubt that the world has long required a practical and achievable solution to premature ejaculation. Is Ejaculation Guru the answer?


  1. A great guide for enhancing sexual intimacy –  It cannot be questioned how important this can be for saving many relationships. After all, sex ought to be enjoyable for both parties. Premature ejaculation makes guys feel bad and women unsatisfied. In this case, Jack Graves Ejaculation Guru review pdf is a real winner.
  2. Entirely natural – There’s no need to pop pills, wear special sleeves or just not have sex at all! This is a training manual that aims to deliver a pure solution to a major problem. It comprehensively does so. The issue of incorrect masturbation is addressed with an impressive pragmatic tact.
  3. A very well presented series – Alongside the eloquently and sensitively written book, the DVDs add real value to the Ejaculation Guru program. They are all designed for couples to watch together – after all, there’s no point pretending that there isn’t a problem. Jack recommends this route where possible.
  4. Realistic expectations – While just reading the Ejaculation Guru full book isn’t going to automatically cure the issue overnight, it does show that there is a solution. Working control over the muscle groups that control ejaculations is going to take time – but given the number of rave Ejaculation Guru reviews this technique has earned – it will work.
  5. 60-day guarantee – Jack is clearly very proud of the Ejaculation Guru pdf ebook and offers a no-questions asked money back guarantee.


  1. While this is without question an excellent solution for men, not all women will wish to participate. This may invalidate some of the more practical elements used in the program. However, for couples willing to work together it’s ideal.
  2. Although Jack claims that the Ejaculation Guru techniques will work for all men – there’s not much mention of time scales besides his own reminisces.

Does Ejaculation Guru Work?

There’s plenty of proof that the Ejaculation Guru book is the best route going for couples suffering from this problem. It’s a natural yet scientific and intelligent solution to premature ejaculation that ought to appeal to men and couples alike. With practice, there’s absolutely no reason why sex shouldn’t last much longer than it currently does. The Ejaculation Guru techniques and methods are straightforward – in fact, it could be better to actually describe them as exercises – and talk you through exactly what to do and when. Jack Grave is a natural when it comes to sex therapy so you can be assured you’re in the very best of hands.

Jack understands this and that is why he places such emphasis on the psychological aspects involved in sexual relations and performance. He repeatedly reminds men that pornography ought not to be considered as the expected standard, which he correctly describes as more useful for stimulation than emulation. Instead, they should discover how their own body actually works, as by doing so premature ejaculation can be beaten.

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