Best Exercises for premature ejaculation

Men are said to suffer from premature ejaculation if they tend to ejaculate sooner during sexual intercourse. It is therefore typical to find many couples complaining about this issue. Research shows that at least one in every three men frequently experience or have experienced this problem at some points in their life.

exercises to control premature ejaculation

Most of these people allege that they usually ejaculate prematurely even with minimal sexual stimulation. When it occurs, both partners may end up not being satisfied during a given sexual intercourse. If this trend continues, it might end up becoming worse. This is because one partner is usually in the state of anxiety but cannot get enough satisfaction from the other party.

Research also reveals that there is a high probability of premature ejaculation if the two partners are meeting for the first time. They usually associate this behavior with the increased level of anxieties. Other health care professionals have also concluded that this problem is caused by various psychological factors such as depression, anxiety, and guilt.

This is because a distressed person might not have the full potential to control his thoughts. Eventually, he ends up ejaculating prematurely. Premature ejaculation might also be linked to medical causes such as hormonal problems, side effects of certain drugs as well as injuries.

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In most instances, premature ejaculations typically get better without necessarily going to a physician for treatment. That is why people who suffer from this problem usually are advised to do various exercises. They are also encouraged to practice relaxing techniques or a distraction method in an attempt to delay ejaculation.

Exercises for premature ejaculation

Pelvic floor exercises

This exercise is vital since it aims to make you have better control over the muscles underlying your bladder. In most cases, these exercises exert typically pressure on the pobococoygeus muscle thus making it stronger.

Once this muscle is strengthened, it will them be able to make the pelvic region firm. Eventually, this process will increase your genital functioning which will, in turn, translate to improved sexual performance.

Application of diplomatic pressure

This is one of the highly recommended methods to deal with premature ejaculation. This exercise is necessary since it delays ejaculation typically as well as bringing you in touch with your anatomy.

Before starting this exercise make sure that you have identified your perineum so that you can exert pressure on it during practicing. The main reason you should focus on the perineum is that is located between the scrotum and the anus and also extends to the prostrate ligand. Therefore, by exerting pressure on it, you will be to deal ejaculation for some time.

Deep breathing

This is one of the most straightforward exercises which should regularly be practiced before starting the sexual intercourse. A deep breath is vital since it helps to expel some anxiety in case you are meeting a new partner for the first time.

Besides, shallow breathing can end up speeding your heartbeat as well as triggering a premature ejaculation. When exercising try taking deep breaths while at the same time holding your breath for five minutes every time you breathe in and out. Eventually, you will learn how to lower your anxiety during sexual intercourse.

Penis workout

To perform this exercise make sure you have located the muscle which is used for the passage of urine. Afterward, squeeze it while holding the contractions. Locking should be delayed between 1 to 2 seconds. When pressing the decreases, your primary focus should be on the pelvic muscles and not the thigh, glutes or hip muscles. Now release the contractions.

Make sure to repeat this same procedure 30times.Always take a rest once you’re finished to gather more energy. It is advisable to perform three sets at least three times a week. By the end of the exercising period to will be able to learn how to delay your ejaculation.


Although this exercise is considered painful it is vital in reducing premature ejaculation. To perform this exercise start by grasping your penis about one-half inch below its head. Moving forward hold it tightly until you feel that you’re about to ejaculate.

A secure holding of your organ makes you think that something is trapping your organ. By so doing you will not be able to rush to the other organism. This form of delay will eventually help you to lower your chances of premature ejaculation.


This is another exercise which can help cure premature ejaculation although there are people who typically oppose it. Jogging is necessary it improve the performance of various organisms in the body. It can also help a person both physically and psychologically. Even, when you jog your heart will beat faster thus removing any form of anxiety which you might have before engaging in sexual activity.

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